Lead Replacement
We are installers of water mains in Northumberland, County Durham,
Newcastle, Sunderland, Teesside and North Yorkshire.
Moling - Trenchless Pipe Replacement
At RWS the water pipe replacement starts with the excavation of launch and receive pits, the pits are around 1meter square and 1meter deep. From the launch pit the moling process begins the mole is sent horizontally towards the receive pit, once the mole enters the pit the head is then removed and the new supply pulled through the pre bored hole with the hose. The benefits of moling are huge, allowing small excavations instead of long trenches that may need to cut through driveways, footpaths or gardens.

With the use of moling we’re able to provide a more discreet installation with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas, this reduces the time it takes for a water supply replacement and the resulting saving on labour and materials are passed on to our clients, providing a more cost effective and efficient method of installing new pipes.

Benefits of Moling
  • Low Operational and Reinstatement costs
  • Less Expensive than traditional trenching methods
  • Minimal or no Excavation beyond the necessary launch and receive pits for the installed water main
  • Minmal distruption to our customer's property compared with traditional tenching methods
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increase in water pressure
  • Increase in water flow
  • Cleaner drinking water

  • Case Study
    Our engineers recently installed 30m of new water supply pipe through all saints Church at Earls Barton. The site dates back to 970AD and was once a Saxon burial site. Due to the history of the site an archaeologist was present during all excavations, the new supply was installed using an open trench and moling method, the mole was used for precision boring between the existing graves and tombs.
    Main Laying RWS Ltd offer a full range of water build and rehabilitation services using the latest techniques. These include the installation of all types and sizes of water mains.
    Lead Replacement We also offer Trenchless Pipe Replacement or 'moling' click here to find out why molling is so good.
    Leak Detection At RWS we pride ourselves on using the latest leak detection techniques to locate and resolve problems, this ensures the minimum amount of disruption to your business or home.
    Repairs We can carry out repairs to lead, copper, steel, alcathene, MDPE, cast or iron pipes.